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July 14, 2006



In response to the haters post. I really liked how your point of view set social boundries and clearly defined the life challenges of someone who is living out side the box. ("Go back to school").

Oh and by the way, what you described was a hippy!!!!!

Free Spirit

Please feel free to post the exact date when you learn the true and modern definition of "bohemian". In that way, we will all know that you cared enough to educate yourself about a topic that you know little about...and you really describe hippies.


i mean i dig what the guy said about how he went and researched what "bohemian" means. and okay so some of you say that what he described is a "hippy":| okay. what the man told you was a definition that he got off another website, so why kill the messenger?

bohemians aren't threatened by another's self expression. i mean, okay so he doesn't dig the site. so what? why label him a "hater" just cause he expressed his opinion? or go over his post with a fine tooth comb looking for fault? or questioning his "education"? what bohemians do you know sit around looking down on others because they don't share their opinions? i mean come on. and when you think about it the term "bohemian" can apply to a hippy. think about how they didn't follow the rest of mainstream american society in the 60's.

anyone who doesn't follow the mainstream could be considered bohemian. think back. the Quakers activities in america during the time of slavery; wouldn't you say that they were going against the mainstream society at that time? i guess they could be considered bohemian. i will say this though...the part of the decree that states: "Want to join a new, society? Then follow us."

this is just my opinion, not a judgement; i think that you would turn away alot of bohemians with that statement. just think about that, okay? i'm not attacking you or anyone. i come in peace. but i really think that if this is a place for self expression, people shouldn't be attacked for giving their opinions. you know? that'd be kinda hypocritical on a bohemian site.


i have to agree with whom ever wrote this post. this clothing line is miserable, and actually insults many of the values fashion designers who actaully KNOW the craft, pride themselves on.

Fashion as art is no excuse for poorly made garmets.

the mantra knwon to many artists is You have to know the rules to break them.

what this designer does is meerly discard the rules, and is shows. He knows nothing of construction or the way a garmet should fit or move. heis pure shock value. and sen in the market, shock value does not last.

I know many buyers who have immeditaly sent this garbage back, seeing as it was not selling or it was being returned upon purchase

toilet training cat

YEAH!, I made it!!!!… haha… first of all, the“ engine brake” shouldn’ t be considered any“ real” issue. Trust me, if you have driven a sled for any length of time, and are fairly decent at it- it’ ll be no biggie. All i did (like you said) was use my throttle to brake and go… nothin to it!, the sleds’ chassis is nice. (It was especially good timing because my dad just bought an Arctic cat F8, and was braking it in too., so jumping from sled to sled was valuable in learning the likes and dislikes of each.) ...


interesting comments. especially by liquid passion. "miseralbe?" that is laughabke as we have sold out in mabnt large retail stores as well as department stores. I would love to see how well this person knows construction fit. they sure as hell know absolutely nothing about me. its so easy to rip apart what you dont understand of cant achieve your self.


those garments that sold so well were were also the "poorly made" ones. we like to call them vintage redone.


those garments that sold so well were were also the "poorly made" ones. we like to call them vintage redone. you want to see bohemian ust step on my block for a day...

Harry Rout

Bohemians my fauckin' ass!

Unfashionable and proud

This brand is everything that is wrong with society, so hilarious you published it what this guy has said and all the following comments even funnier. Who cares how hard you work at building a soulless brand in a sea of apathy.


victor wilde

im so flattered by this

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