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July 22, 2006



heard about you from you cousin...
enjoy your stay in tokyo, yes, this is a great city for fun!

The Evil Oracle AKA KFC

Ah, so we meet again, Wilde! Or should I say Kiki Cadero!

No bother: while you are spreading the news of Bohemian manifest destiny, I, my friend, am living as a spy among the bourgeoisie. I think the fat one suspects me, but still I plod on until such time as I am able to make a complete report. Please only contact me through proper channels, respecting all relevant protocols of spycraft. The codeword is "Fridays at Sunny's." Much love as we both seek to reduce global levels of fear and stress (or was it to increase them--I can never remember). Incidentally those levels have quite honestly have been off the meter lately: at least off the pocket meter you lent me so many years ago. Send t-shirts soon. I don't know how long I can hold on without them. --LB, KFC

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